Aug 9, 2011

Road Trip to Liliw, Laguna

I was excited when i heard that my friends want to do a road trip and want to visit Jenesis in Liliw Laguna. I live in Sta. Cruz Laguna but i seldom go to Liliw so imagine my smile when i heard of Liliw.

Liliw is known for their tsinelas and this little quiet town has lots to offer and it became more famous because of the tsinelas festival. People from Manila go all the way here just to check Liliw's products. 

Before checking what's new in the town of tsinelas, dont forget to visit the town's old church.


Our main agenda in Liliw Laguna is to go to Jenesis house and because of the super tagal ng kwentuhan, we never had a long time to check every shop in Liliw because its almost 6PM already. The boys just gave us an ample time to buy at least a pair of shoes. 

The avenue of footwear. Be prepared to walk and check every store for their products because each outlet has a unique design.

Some of the stalls...

Badong Outlet

Everytime i go to Liliw, Badong will always be my last stop because it is one of the old store in town and famous for their leather goods. The last time that i went in Liliw was my college days pa kaya ang tagal na, i was a bit dissapointed when i went to Badong last Saturday kasi konti na lang ang maganda and some are just like the designs of the other stores.

Entrada Outlet

I already saw this outlet the last time i went here. If Badong offers leather goods, Entrada offers fab footwear though they have few selections only, magaganda naman ang designs nila. I suggest to have their design patented para hindi magaya ng iba.

After you do your shoes shopping, dont forget to buy Laguna delicacies like Uraro, Puto Seko etc.. I love all these. Syempre naman taga-laguna ko kaya natikman ko na lahat yan. hehe

And after the super bilis na oras namin, i only bought 2 shoes for my everyday wear:

Flat shoes from Badong P350.00

I dont know kung anong tawag d2. This cost only PhP 250.00

After buying shoes, we leave the town because i have to go back in Manila because hubby is waiting for me in his office. He fetched me in Alabang and arrived in our house at around 10:00PM.

Tired but happy seeing my friends. Im planning of going back to Liliw very soon. Sa daming maganda wala kong masyadong nabili, nagmamadali na kasi. Sayang :(

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