Aug 2, 2011

Dinner at Pho Hoa Noodle House

I told myself that im going to control my rice everytime i eat and it was a success because i only eat 1 cup of rice in a day. Dont ask me if its effective because all i know is its good to maintain a healthy diet and im going to continue this as much as i can kasi feeling ko talaga rice ang nagpapataba sakin. And when it comes to ulam, i always go for a healthy food like veggies and fish etc...

Last week, I was craving for some fresh spring rolls and when hubby told me to meet him at Alabang Town Center last Saturday after his work, i was thinking of Pho Hoa for our dinner. When he ask me what i want to eat, i didnt think twice, i immediately say Pho Hoa...

So it was Vietnamese food for our dinner last Saturday.

Pho Hoa is Vietnamese food but originated in the US and was brought here years ago. Pho Hoa is famous for their noodles which is very good i believe. Although it is classified as fast food noodle house, I enjoy dining here because of its great service, food presentation and the fresh veggies on the food.

Here's what we had for dinner:

Iced Coffee...

I told hubby to try this Vietnamese Iced coffee because its one of my fave from Pho Hoa. It was the first thing to arrive in our table.

Hubby looking at his iced coffee.

He took picture of me while waiting for our food...

Pho Ga 
 Chicken Noodle Soup

Since im having a no-rice diet, i ordered their Chicken Noodle Soup. When eating at Pho Hoa, its best to share this bowl of noodle soup because the serving is really huge. I ordered the small one but this bowl can feed 4 persons.

The noodle soup is best to have this, it came after the noodle soup, just squeeze the lemon, put some bean sprouts and basil leaves then its ready to eat.

Goy Cuon
Fresh Spring Rolls

The best seller starter dish and the one im craving for almost 3 days...My all time favorite at Pho Hoa. A combination of veggies, shrimp and pork spring rolls. I love dipping the fresh spring roll into the peanut sauce.. 

Grilled Pork with fried spring rolls.

Since hubby is working out in the gym, its a must for him to eat rice always because it helps him to gain weight and he was so hungry that time. According to him, the pork is really tender and he let me taste the fried spring roll and its yummy too. Perfect when dipped in the vinegar.

Cucumber shake for me...

I love eating cucumber so the taste is not a surprise to me but if you were dining at Pho Hoa i suggest you try this.

Pandan Mongo Cake

Do you know kutchinta in tagalog? This is made of rice sticky cake made in pandan and mongo and its really delicious 

Dining at Pho Hoa always makes me full even without rice. Oh! Did you know that they do not have additional service charge?  

Look at our table, i didnt finish my bowl of noodle soup, tinulungan pa ko ni hubby nyan but i manage to finish my fresh spring roll.

I love dining at Pho Hoa.

For more info about Pho Hoa, you can visit the site here.

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