Jul 27, 2011

Ferlyn's Famous Tapa

After our spa appointment in Bioessence last Sunday we decided to walk from rfc to our home and while walking, we saw this Ferlyn's tapa house just beside Aling Lucy's Panciteria. Hubby said to try this tapa house sometime. We dont know if its new in the market or what. All we know is we love tapsilog.

Then monday, its the 18th birthday of one of our househelp and i decided to give her a little celebration. I didnt go to work also because i have lots of errands to do like getting documents for the wedding of my cousin in the US, I went to Mary mother church, Philam church and Elizabeth Seton School to complete the requirements. After that (around lunch) hubby texted me that he's on his way home after his workout and he requested a food. What i did was i ordered in Aling Lucy's Panciteria then went to Ferlyn's Famous tapa which is beside Aling Lucy's.

When i was in Ferlyn's, i took some photos for my blog:

The menu board

Aside from the famous tapsilog, porksilog or whatever silog there is, they also offer different food like sisig, adobo, sinigang etc...

View from where i sat while waiting for my take-out order.

The place was quite nice, nothing posh or special but overall it was a clean place. Recommended for a casual eat. Just go there maybe in the late afternoon or early morning because it so hot during noon because the place is non-airconditioned.

Tapsilog is one of all-time favorite of Filipinos for breakfast. Tapsilog consists of tapa (beef strips), Sinangag (fried rice), and itlog (fried egg). Although it is considered as top choice for breakfast, it is commonly sold throughout the day here in the Philippines and is usually served with spicy vinegar or any condiments. Some stores of tapsilog are open 24 hours so you can chow anytime whether its daytime or night time. The price is very affordable also at less than a hundred bucks.

Porksilog for me

Pretty ordinary but i love the taste of their garlic rice.

Tapsilog for hubby..

Hubby's a bit dissapointed with the portion of the tapa. Pero wala ng choice eh kaya kumain na rin sya.

We found the food very average maybe because i was expecting so much more since they're saying its from Don Galo. Actually i dont know what Don Galo has to offer but according to some blogs, Don Galo has the best tapa around the metro.

Id like to give this place another go if i can convince my other half to go back and try other menu.

If you want to order and deliver it to your doorstep, you can call:
Ferlyn's Famous Tapa in Las Pinas
Contact Nos: (02) 872-0602

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