Jul 25, 2011


Because im busy with my work, i almost forgot that i have blog to maintain :( Sorry peeps for not posting, matagal na ba? Parang hindi naman! I have so many stories to tell but so little time like the update in our house, the story revisiting Outback Restaurant in Alabang etc. But since i dont have time anymore and this week will be busy as well, im just posting what happened last weekend, oh i dont go to work now because i have back pain and its also the 18th birthday of one of my yayabels so i instructed her to invite some of her friends in the house and have a little merienda. So this time i will be the yaya. haha

Anyway to start my blog, i want to make kwento about what happened last friday. Hubby thought of scheduling at least once a month inuman session with his agents, its like bonding time for them so imagine the cost and pagod we have during inuman session pero ok lang naman yun, as long as they enjoy going to our small apartment. hehe

But since some of the girls and his other agents dont drink liquor and are not available to go to our house and stay uplate, he decided to treat some at Shakey's Alabang. As of this photo that hubby showed me, he also showed me the cost of his treat. Nagulat daw sya eh, almost 3k daw nagastos nya.. hehe.. Sana daw sa jollibee na lang nya pinakain haha... Kuripot? nah... napaka-generous na tao nyan. Sana lang walang magtampo from his night shift agents.

After his treat to Shakey's, he waited for some of his agents in the house for their session while i was somewhere doing something (will tell on my next post).

Some of his agents..

During that session, we were so happy and keeps on laughing because of one of his agent/friend whose a gay and sobrang makulit. I also joined their inuman session but i only drink light. We became instant friends, i really love GAY people.

Jay-Ar whose also hubby's friend in their company was very open and tells me that he really liked hubby. I was joking and telling him sa kanya na lang si hubby. hehe. My bad! Tanong tuloy ng tanong si hubby kung ayaw ko na ba sa kanya. Ano bey! Palibhasa mga lashing na...

Eto pa, hindi pa gawa ang bahay namin nagiinvite na si hubby. Kaloka!

You can follow me on my twitter because im very active with twitter, tinatamad na nga akong mag-fb and blog. hehe. How's your weekend peeps?

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