Jul 12, 2011

Sbarro Again...

Every time were in mall, its always a question on where to eat kasi naman lahat na yata nakainan namin and wala namang bago. Since hubby and i used to eat in a fancy restaurant, we just ask our picky-eater daughter of what she wants to eat. Alangan naman yung yaya ang tanungin namin. hehe

Tami wants to eat Pizza and there's only few restaurants there that serves good Pizza, i told them of the choices like the Joey Pepperoni, Greenwich, Shakey's, Pizza Hut but they want Sbarro. And for the nth time, we dine again in Sbarro.

Here's our food:

Baked Ziti for hubby. I didnt order Pasta because the Pizza in Sbarro is enough already to satisfy my hungry pangs.

White Spaghetti for tami and the yaya

I dont know why Tami loves Pasta more than the rice, see this plate of spaghetti? Kaya nyang ubusin yan in a few minutes unlike with a cup of rice, 2 hours bago nya maubos ang half-rice. Ganon sya kumain ng rice. Hubby joked "Italiano yata tong batang to"..

I only order White Pizza for Me and Tami

Hawaiian for hubby and the Red something Pizza for the yaya..

Its first time of the yaya to eat in Sbarro and i asked her of what she thinks of the food, baka kasi hindi nya type yung food mahirap na. Mas ok na yung tanungin ko sya if she likes it or not kesa naman pilitin nya dba?

Tami and her yaya. (yung yaya nya talagang pumose ng ganyan). Tami keeps on smirking when in front of the cam hence the face.

Me and the hubby..

Nakakatawa yung pic dba? Wears the same (stripes design), pose the same pati hand gesture. We were laughing when we saw our picture.

Ang bigat talaga sa tyan ng Sbarro foods... Di namin naubos eh..

Kayo? How's your weekend?

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