Jul 4, 2011

Cheers America!

And because of that, we dont have work today.. Woohoo!

Today that we dont have work, it doesn't mean that we're just here in the house sitting all day. We have things to do today and to name a few:

1. Hubby and I will go to SM Center to buy Washing Machine and will have our monthly haircut.
2. We'll be going to the office of our house developer later to sign papers because this week will be the groundbreaking and the start of the construction of our future abode. Yey!
3. Need to get the copy of the house floor plan again and will send to my cousin whose Engineer and to his Architect Friend because they're the one who will design our house for free. So lucky to have my relatives because i can save at least a hundred grand for the engineer and architect works.

Hoping that we can transfer as soon as possible because hubby wants to celebrate his 30th birthday on our new house but if not, our second option will be christmas season.

One more thing, my online store will be up soon and im excited to receive the balikbayan box full of goods from the US. Watch out for that, ok?

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