Jul 1, 2011

Mangan Restaurant in MOA

I mentioned in my previous post that my friend/cousin Jen came home for a 1 week vacation from her work and we met last tuesday. As promised, i treated her to a dinner in MOA but before we went to look for restaurant, i accompany her first to mall because she wants to buy shoes and slippers for her and her bf.

First we went to SM department store because its easy to buy goods there. We stayed in men's shoes section and bought GBX slippers and Kickers shoes for her bf. After the department store we went to MOA mall. I brought her to Fitflop because she doesnt have fitflop and its not available in SG.

My friend/cousin Jen... pretty no?

Me (at naka-office attire pa...hehe)

We see each other at around 4pm thats why im still wearing my office attire minus the heels and to make it comfortable, i have to fold my long sleeves polo para naman hindi masyadong formal.

After buying fitflop, we look for a restaurant that serves Filipino dish. During her stay here, she wants to eat Filipino dish because she missed it. I remember Mangan resto serves local dishes and like their food when i ate in their Glorietta branch way back. So we look for Mangan resto and we found it near SM department store.

Mangan Restaurant Menu

Very Filipino style...

After settling to our table, we ordered our food. The server gave us this strip to have something to munch while waiting for our order. We also requested to give us the Bibingka first before the main dish.

The strips given to us. Anong tawag d2?

The Bibingka.

This is not that good as the usual bibingka. Mas masarap pa rin yung Bibingkinitan and yung nabibili sa SM grocery.

Our drinks - Buko for Jen and Watermelon shake for me.

Ligat Ampalaya.

Jen is not eating Pork since she came to SG and one of the reason why she become thin. Hhhmmm.... Wag na rin kaya akong kumain ng pork, kaya ko kaya? Thinking of it makes me sick already.

Bagoong Rice

It was a mutual decision to order this because we liked it both. Salted fish rice in SG was one of the best. We never knew that their rice is good for 3 to 4 persons kaya nagulat kami sa servings.


Its one of my fave in Mangan that's why i ordered it. The Kare-kare in Mangan consists of Ox Tripe and tail and its really yummy.

Since we'reonly 2, all that we ordered has left-over kaya may baon pa si Jen pag-uwi ng Laguna. We left MOA around 9pm.

Have you dine in Mangan? Masarap naman diba?


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  1. wow! looks good! i also like Yogurt King in MOA. try it! check out: http://tinyurl.com/3wzlfgg