Jul 10, 2011

Family Day!

Sunday will always be our family day because sometimes i have to go to work on Saturdays while hubby sleeps all day on Saturday.

Last friday, hubby told us that we were going to SM Southmall today to have a little shopping and dine together for lunch or merienda. Upon hearing what he said, my little brain wants to explode after thinking of the things i want to buy. BUT! (big but) According to hubby, we have a budget for that little shopping...huhu..

My life...

Fat Lady..

Yun oh! Hubby's fitting the shirt from Mossimo...

I like the wordings in the shirt "The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B"

Here's what we bought in our little shopping adventure:

For Hubby : Tshirt from Girbaud and Mossimo..
For Me: Shoes from Payless (on my next post)

For baby: School things hehe

Oh by the way, SM Southmall has an on-going mid-year sale on some boutiques. We were surprised by the sale but we didnt bought sale items because there's no FAB sale items.

After having little shopping, we went also to SM Center to do grocery.. This is one thing that my little girl and me enjoy doing together.

Grocery for 2 weeks...

What an expensive day for us!

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