Jul 25, 2011

Revisiting Bioessence with Hubby

As ive mentioned in my previous post, hubby and i are scheduled at 7PM in Bioessence but since we had our quick dinner in chic-boy, we arrived in the spa a little bit late. Buti na lang mababait yung attendant dun because they waited for us.

Hubby waiting...

While im talking with the attendant, hubby waited in the waiting area. We use again the remaining privilege pass and we upgrade again the service. Hubby got the clarifying facial with diamond peel and we also got the massage. What i liked about here is they give us the privilege to use the executive room because we availed the service and upgrade it.

We just waited in the waiting area while the spa attendant prepare the sauna and the executive room.

Hubby took this picture of me while waiting for our turn.

Actually its my first time to experience the massage in Bioessence because i always go to My Spa because i love their wet amenities and the place is very enticing unlike in Bioessence the place is so plain. When its our turn for the sauna, we were lead at the couple's room for sauna. I was surprised when i saw the room.

According to them, Bioessence sauna is called turkish sauna, in this room, there is like 2 cubicle and at first i dont know what to do because its my first time to see the sauna setup, its like cabinets with a hole in the middle, the couples room obviously is good for 2 person.

I asked one of the staff if she can take a picture while in the sauna, since the room is too small, isa lang ang kasya sa photo, as you can see i was sitting there and parang nakapatong lang yung ulo ko sa cabinet but i liked this sauna because i sweat a lot compared to My Spa. Here in bioessence sauna, grabe para kong sumali sa 10k run sa sobrang dami ng pawis ko. Panalo d2!

i feel relieved having sauna here and we also liked the massage. Definitely we will going back here for another massage session and the sauna.

Have you tried the sauna in Bioessence?

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