Jul 1, 2011

MESA Greenbelt - A Bad Experience

After at Starbucks and before going home it was Jen's time to treat us for dinner. I was telling them to try Lorenzo's way but its full that night so we go to Mesa, also in Greenbelt. Before we settled to Mesa, we look first at the menu because Jen didn't want to eat pork. When she saw her fave Baked mussels, she insist on dining at Mesa.

The resto facade

I took this while sitting on the waiting area of Mesa. At hindi pa kami nagsawa sa chikahan, kahit sa waiting area kwentuhan pa rin.

Mesa Restaurant

... still Filipino Cuisine, as requested by Jen.

Ang cute nung utensils no? Parang bamboo design made in steel..

Jen and Noreen a.k.a Madam Ana Manalastas... *Peace babs*

Simply Me....

And here comes our orders:

Baked Mussels...

Fresh buko juice for me and Jen..

Bottomless Iced tea for Noreen aka Madam Ana...hehe

Crispy Baby Squid..

Much like Calamares...


Its my first time to eat duck and i liked it. Patotim is one of their best but i find it too sweet.

And the bad experience came from the Bagoong Rice. Here's the kwento:

The waitress serve the Bagoong Rice not hot so hindi namin pinansin yun because were busy taking photos of our food for my blog.

Here's the Bagoong Rice.

After the waitress serve the rice, we ask the other waiter to gave us a shot using Jen's fone.

After taking this picture, we started to eat. With my first spoon of rice, i noticed that the rice is different from the Bagoong Rice that we ordered last time at Mangan. And its sticky and i knew that there's something wrong with the rice. My friends tried it also and they have the same conclusion as mine.

We called the attention of the waitress who serve the rice and we told her that the rice is panis. She got the rice at inamoy-amoy nya and she told us na ganon daw talaga ang lasa because they use shrimp-paste based bagoong. And this rude waitress tries to make face as if were not telling the truth. Nakakairita sya. We told her to just change the rice from a new cooked rice para malaman ang difference. She got the bowl of rice and bring it to the kitchen.

Afterwards she brought the new bowl of rice as if nothing happens. No apology or anything. After that dinner, sumakit ang tyan ng friend ko. Even i experienced diarrhea when im home at hindi ako nakapasok ng work kinabukasan because of the diarrhea..

To the management of Mesa, teach your employees to be courteous to customers. Pasalamat yang rude waitress na yan at mabait kami... Hoping that this incident will not happen again.

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