Jul 4, 2011

Busy Day and the Brother's Burger Promo

Today was a busy day for both of us. Aside from other errands, the important thing that we did today is we went to the developer's office for the signing of papers like the Deed of Sale, Contract etc because next week will be the start of the construction of our house. Woohoo!

Snow White signing the papers....

The good news is the developer assured that we can move in on our new house on the first week of October. Hay ang bilis... Im nervous of the expenses that awaits us like the interior of the house and furnitures etc because its not included in acquiring a house and lot in the developer.

After talking with the staff and signing the papers which took us almost 3 hours in the office, hubby and i got hungry so we decided to drop by at Brother's Burger in Westgate Alabang, good thing we have the van with us. 

Did you know that Brother's Burger has ongoing promo? The half-pound burger is at 50% off.

Buti na lang wala masyadong tao kanina...

We ordered the half-pound burger, onion rings which hubby love the most in Brother's Burger and soda.

Medyo matagal nga lang ang service nila dito sa Alabang Branch considering there were only few customers and we're the only one waiting for orders. Sa sobrang tagal ng order namin, ang dami ko ng na-picture sa store pati si hubby ang daming kuha. Here are some:

Bored na bi?

Sa sobrang tagal nag-soundtrip na lang...


Last shot at sa wakas dumating na rin yung order namin.

Our take out orders..

And we ate it at home:

Sarap.... Parang TGIF lang ang patty.

The last onion ring for Tami... hehe. we ate it while were on our way home. Tami and her yaya shared in 1 burger while me and Badz ate our own burgers. Takaw!

And the proof of the promo:

Half-pound burger at PhP 97.50 each...

Its true!

Nothing beats Brothers!

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