Jul 25, 2011

Quick dinner at chic-boy...

Yesterday, i asked hubby if he wants to go with me in Bioessence to have a full body massage, he answered yes but he also wants to have facial and diamond peel. After the conversation, i called Bioessence and set an appointment at 7:00pm. We leave the house at exactly 6:45pm, thinking that we will be going out late after the appointment, we decided to have dinner first at none other than chic-boy. hehe. I texted the Bioessence essence staff that we will arrive late because of our quick dinner.

Its my first time to try chic-boy while hubby is his second time. At 7:00pm, the restaurant was jampacked and the line to the counter was really long, we were thinking of changing restaurant but since its my first time and i wanna try the food, hubby agreed to stay.

I looked at the menu and hubby said that he dont want chicken anymore because the last time that he ate there with his friends, they had the whole chicken for the 3 of them. We just ordered food that looks good in the picture.

After settling to our table, our drinks arrived first.

Iced tea for me...

Coke for hubby..

While waiting, the waiter serve soup first even if were not asking for it. We didnt try the soup kasi parang ma-oil eh ska mukang hindi masarap.. hehe

What i dont like with chic-boy is really the slow service, sobrang tagal dumating nung order namin, siguro marami lang talagang tao. Feeling ko nga mas matagal pa yung pinaghintay namin kesa sa pagkain namin.

Our first order arrived...

Turones con leche...

As the name implies, turones is from the word "turon" and we all know that this is made of banana and we liked it, the caramel is not too sweet. Hubby consumed 4 pcs of it. 

Again, we waited for a couple of minutes, nabo-bored na nga si hubby and said na busog na sya sa turones and coke wala pa yung food namin. We have to follow-it up pa bago i-serve..

Cebu Lechon Liempo for Hubby..

He like this because of the sauce not the food itself.. hehe

Liempo for me...

I go for the safe order. Hubby instructed me on how to make sawsawan with the oil to make it tasty because the liempo is so bland that i have to put some sauce para sumarap.

On the other table, may tinuro si hubby. I saw the two guys pouring the orange oil all over their rice. Masarap daw kasi pero oil yun eh, unless gusto na nilang ma-tsugi bells... hehe

Chic-boy is really cheap but you have to be patient waiting for your orders.

Did you know that chic-boy was recently opened for franchising? Last 2010 lang, my cousin franchised chic-boy to be placed in Laguna. Maybe she can give me the details of the franchise soon. 

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