Jul 16, 2011

Dwell Studio Home - I Want!

By last quarter of this year we will transfer to our new house and now i am currently looking for some products that we need in the house like beddings, things for the living room and kitchen. Even if we have some things already from our apartment we still want to buy new things that will match the modern theme of the house. But it always depends on the budget, currently we only have little savings in the bank because the huge chunk of the savings goes to the house already. We need to save again for the interior of the house.

One of the things we need is the beddings for Tami's room and the Master's bedroom and i find Dwell Studio products very nice and modern. Medyo mahal nga lang talaga.

Here's the beddings i want for Tami's room:

Owl Duvet Set
Zinnia Rose Duvet Set

Paper Dolls Duvet Set

I also want this stripes Duvet Set for the Master's Bedroom:

Ang gaganda no?

Dwell studio has wallpaper designs too.

The only problem is Dwell Studio is in the US...

Rustan's carry Dwell Studio products but i dont know if the wallpaper is available here. Parang mga kids clothes and some beddings only. Hay...sana mag-sale ng bonggang-bongga ang dwell studio sa US para makapagpabili ako.. Calling cousins in the US :)  Big Joke only.

Anyway, i only said I WANT the Dwell studio products but it doens't mean na bibilin ko na. Practical kaya ako. Frugal wife it is. hehe. Marami din naman na magandang Duvet set sa ibang brands like Canadian na mas mura ng konti sa Dwell Studio... Maghahanap lang talaga ng magandang designs pero gusto ko talaga nung Dwell Studio... We'll See.

There are lots of really nice products in Dwell Studio. Want to visit Dwell Studio site? Click here.

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