Jul 16, 2011

My House Requirement

Last thursday, Me, my Engineer cousin and his Architect friend had an impromptu meeting because we have to plan the exterior and interior of our future abode. The house construction is really fast, since my Engineer cousin has a project now in Davao and will be back in Manila by August, in time para asikasuhin naman nya ang house namin... For the meantime, he wants to see the house floor plan from the developer and see kung ano ang gagawin.

During our meeting, we have decided to extend the back part of our house to make the kitchen bigger and still dont know if we're going to push-thru with the extension in front since there's still big lot space in front of our house.

The architect asks me what i want from the interior design, i said kahit ano basta modern-zen design as requested also by Kuya Bing. My only requirement since before is i want the master's bedroom to have its own cr and the important is the walk-in closet.

Walk-in Closet - yes its my only requirement in our own house. Before, i told hubby na ok lang na kahit maliit na property lang ang i-acquire namin as part of our investment, i didnt know na he will choose bigger property and i was told that it was his birthday gift to me. Sa mga hindi nakakaalam, we plan of buying property last 2010 pa and he finally acquire a property in Daang-Hari (mostly part of Molino, Cavite) from a well-known developer last January 2011, in time for my 30th birthday. The best gift ever that i received from hubby. 

As for the house, I really dont want a big house because all my life i used to live in a big house in Laguna at sobrang hirap maglinis, kahit nga sarili kong room di ko maayos before kaya my parents and lola says that im burara. As long as the house has 3 rooms, 2 cr's and my dream walk-in closet....masaya na ko.

After talking with them, the architect said that he will just give me interior designs and we'll start there if i want renovations on the design since we still have 2 months to finalize the designs.

I am excited and thankful for my relatives who are willing to help (Engineer and Architect works) in order for us to have a home-y and beautiful home (Wala bang tutulong financially? hehe). As much as i want to post the pictures of our future house, i was advised not to post every details or pictures, mahirap na kasi wala ng safe ngaun especially here in the internet, its better to be safe than feel sorry for what might happen.

In time you will see photos of our house here in my blog but for the meantime, you'll see updates here but no actual photos, suggested designs of the architect pwede pa. Till my next house update...

Hay.... i feel so blessed.

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