Dec 23, 2011

Excelente Ham in Quiapo

It was my plan to visit Quiapo church before christmas and if you ask me why Quiapo? To be honest, i find solace in Quiapo church especially if i have problems or im down but today is different, i went there alone this morning to thank the Lord for all the blessings and to ask guidance for all the people. Another church that i frequent is the Baclaran church, many people hear the novena masst here and sometimes if i have time ill make sure to attend the mass.

Anyway, back in Quiapo. After paying a visit to church i went directly in Carlos Palanca St. where the Excelente Ham is located. It was one of our family's favorite that every year Excelente Ham is a must during christmas season.

Excelente Ham

Di ako makapag-picture ng maayos sa sobrang dami ng tao. With its long line, it really means that Excelente is still the best ham in the Metro.


Syempre i have to buy something for us.

Two boxes of ham, for christmas and new year.

Each box consists of the ham and the special sauce the Excelente offers.  Hams can be bought depends on the weight of the portion.

Example is this one, the portion weighs 1.32 kilos so  the price is P1,161.00. 

Aside from hams, Excelente offers some meat products like Bacon, Longganisa etc. But dont be fooled by the looks of the place because their price is also steep just like in the malls but when it comes to quality of the products, i am thumbs up with the Excelente.

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