Dec 23, 2011

Pod Party 2011

After our Company Year-end party, our OM and Sups prepare something for us, the POD Year-End Party last December 17, 2011. It was held in City Garden Hotel in Makati with the theme of "Hat Party". Everyone was prepared with their Costumes and Hat. Syempre may pambato kami sa Agent of the Night.

I was supposed to not attend the party because i was sick for almost a week already. I had fever, cough and colds and if i get tired my asthma attacks so i was really not in the mood to go partying that time.

Belle, Me and Tess

In the office before going to the hotel.

Picture kung Picture! Parang may nagaya ako na pose d2.. Hhhhmmm....

After preparing in the office, we went in the venue and arrived early from the 6pm schedule.

We were greeted with this standee.

There's also a free photo booth in the site. Since we arrived there early, we take the opportunity to have the free photo in the booth. I only have 1 picture in that booth because im really not feeling well.

With some of our team

Team Annabelle

Since our POD consists of 5 teams only, konti lang kami kaya we really enjoyed the party. One of our teammates (Chucky) who sat beside me won the Agent of the Night because her hat compliments the outfit, looks like Evita. hehe

Me on my Hat

City Garden Hotel served good food that night. For sure sobra-sobra ang food, kung pwede nga lang mag-take home kukuha ako... haha

PG lang?

After the dinner, the program started. We had games, awarding, dancing etc... And the finale was the Christmas goodies giveaway per agent and per team picture taking.

Team Annabelle

Our POD party was a success and we really enjoyed the night.

I arrived in the house past 11pm, good thing hubby waited for me kasi hinihika na din ako that time. 

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