Dec 24, 2011

Pancake House in The Fort

Last thursday, Hubby and my brother accompany me in our office in the fort because i have lots to bring, my gifts to my teammates and the Banana Loaves gifts.

The Banana Loaves

Imagine we bring 30pcs of this Banana Loaves in the fort, buti na lang may kasama akong bodyguards. We arrived in the fort late because of traffic, normally travel time to our office is more or less 1 hr to commute but when we went there, it took us almost 3 hrs. Hindi pa kami nakakarating ng office and my bodyguards are complaining already because they hungry na. 

Since the bus stop is on Pancake House, we went there na lang to have our brunch.

Pancake House in BGC.

Sa tagal kong hindi nakakain ng Pancake house, ang dami na palang new dish and ngayon ko lang nabasa tong wordings on menu's first page.

Everyone knows naman that Pancake House specialty are waffles but we love their chicken meals.

I was the one who order our food and drinks. I tried their Calamansi Juice because of my cough while the two wants soda.

My calamansi juice

I never thought that the syrup was for the juice so when i have my first sip i was like drinking pure calamansi juice, sobrang asim **pat on the forehead**

Here's what we had for our brunch:

2pcs chicken meal for my brother

The deep-fried pan chicken served with the special homemade pancake gravy

Pork Vienna for Hubby

Consists of thinly sliced breaded lean pork with rice and coleslaw on the side.

Spicy Chicken Fillet in Brown Rice Pilaf.

I ordered the new in the menu. Consists of flavorful brown rice with chicken fillet and mayo dip with lemon.

Brother contented with his meal.

Have you tried the new dish on the menu. Its been years since my last visit in Pancake House and until now they offer quality in their food.

Pancake house delivers to your doorstep. Here the menu for you reference.

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