Dec 6, 2011

Corelle Plates, Dwell Studio, Ikea...

Luho for the House:

These are only some of the things i dream or luho for our house but our budget is very limited now and maybe the trend for the next 2 years, i have to choose only what is important and start to find only the necessities like bed for the master bedroom, tami's room and for the maid, a new living room set, dining room set, kitchen stuff etc.. The list will go on since we don't wanna bring some of the old stuff from our house. Brand new house eh kaya brand new stuff dapat :)

Hay i need to win the lotto so i can buy all this luho. Our budget now is just enough for our monthly household expenses and house monthly amortization, tami's tuition fee and a little budget for shopping and dining to a fancy restaurant. We have to save for extension pa... Good luck samin. I know we will be able to pass this stage and hopefully after 2 years wala na kaming gastos sa house stuffs. With faith to God and hardwork kaya namin to!

Ill make sure na makukumpleto ko yung mga gusto kong gamit ng pakonti-konti... Well, there's nothing wrong in dreaming :)

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