Dec 19, 2011

Angry Bird Theme Christmas Party

Our Team had Christmas party held in one of my colleague's house last December 9, 2011. As usual sumunod kami sa uso hence the theme Angry Bird.

Some of the team

Everyone participated in the party and share their blessings by giving either food or prizes for the games.

Our Food:

Spaghetti from Mami Lyza
SnR Pizza from Belle
SnR Rotisserie Chix from Jane
Barbeque from Tess
Cake From Diane and She

Molo Soup and Rice from Joy

Crema de Fruta from Tess
Leche Flan from Hannah

We thought that we lack of food but we were wrong pala kasi sobrang daming natira. To make our party enjoyable, Joy rented a videoke and we played Bingo as our main game.

Bingo Paraphernalia

Angry Bird Giveaway Loots

Bingo Consolation Prizes

Before we start the game, we had exchange gift first then gift giving. Mami Lyza gave Angry Bird ballpens to each of us. 

Ballpen pa lang nagkakagulo na. Grabe.

Our sup also gave gift to us. A Diamond Peel gift certificate... Lahat natuwa sa gift ni Ate Anna :)

At eto na kami while playing Bingo:

Sa una seryoso but as the game goes on, magulo na.. Consolation Prizs pa lang nag-aagawan na, what more pa sa GC and grand prize. Our prizes our not that grand compare to some christmas party but since it was also came from us and to some of our friends, we value it bigtime.

Here are some of the GC winners. Each GC is worth P500 except for the Starbucks that is worth P300.00.

I won one of the Starbucks GC worth P300 :)
And for the Grand Prize *drum roll*

Mami Lyza won the 3rd prize - Blender

Jane won the second prize - Camel Stan Fan

And guess who won the first prize... Its ME!!!!

Well, i came home with a smile on my face kasi naman naghakot ako ng prizes, lahat ng klase ng prize meron ako... Kala nga nila buntis ako dahil lagi akong nananalo.

Eto mga inuwi ko.. Pero lahat ng loots na nakuha ko merong napuntahan..

Angry Bird Giveaway for Tami

2 packs of Chocolate for Hubby and Tami
I also have Pringles and i gave it to Boyet..

The Ballpen that Mami Lyza gave and the pouch from the consolation prize. Im using this right now.

Aside from the Starbucks GC that i got, i also won the first prize which is the Torque Dual-Sim Cellphone which i gave to hubby's cousin na may sideline na loading business.

O dba, lahat ng nakuha ko may napuntahan... Kala ko nga din buntis ako pero delayed lang pla... hehe

As usual we had fun again with my teammates in our annual team christmas party. For sure mauulit ulit ito.

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