Dec 6, 2011

New Unit for Sun Cellular Plan 350

While in SM center, Janz and I went to Sun Cellular shop because my plan can avail another unit for retention. I was offered a new unit which is the Samsung Galaxy Y or the Corby 2. Im thinking now if im going to get this or upgrade my plan to Plan 999 because hubby wants to have unlimited internet mobile. Plan 999 has only Blackberry units..

Now im confused of what unit to get. Samsung Galaxy, Corby 2 or upgrade to Plan 999 and have blackberry again. Ill talk to hubby about it first.

Ill go now because he called me to meet him in SM southmall :) Ill blog later once i got the photos on hubby's phone. Ill blog my divisoria trip part 2 last saturday and shopping with hubby last sunday. Ciao!

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