Dec 10, 2011

Mga PG sa Goldilocks..

Last Thursday i didnt report to work because i have to go to my therapy and at the same time consult my doctor because my legs really hurt. I cant stand still and walk really long :(

After going to the doctor, hubby texted me to accompany him in SM because he has to buy gift for her agent for their exchange gift. We also had quick merienda early dinner pala in Goldilocks kasi dun lang konti yung tao.

Hubby on the table while i fall in line for our meals.

Ang dami na palang bago sa Goldilocks no? Like they have Barbecue meal na, Dinuguan kasi ang peyborit ko dun saka Lumpiang sariwa.

While waiting for our food, we have nothing to do but camwhoring..

I was taking photo of hubby in his office attire but he didnt want to, ako pa ngayon ang kinunan..


And he got me...

Our orders:

Oooppss...  Lumpia meal lang ang sakin jan :)

Sarap talaga ng Dinuguan sa Goldilocks and the barbecue too, parang Ineng's lang.. Lumelevel up na talaga ang Goldilocks..

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