Dec 16, 2011

Early Xmas Gifts

My aunt who went to US for a 1 week vacation and to attend my cousin's wedding arrived the other day but i didnt expect that she will call us that afternoon to be on my Uncle's office to distribute the early gifts/pasalubongs that she brought abroad. I was expecting the call to be on weekend pa kaya nagulat ako when she texted me last wednesday afternoon, i was in my work then so imagine gustong-gusto ko na umuwi to get our presents :)

My cousin texted me that time that he'll be in The Fort so he fetched me in the office, we went to his dad's office and found all of them having dinner from KFC. After eating, the distribution started..

Here's our early Christmas Presents from the Cantos Family. Thanks Kit/Kat/Biboy,Unc Jo and Tta Leris for the pasalubongs. We love it all!


My cousin Kit asked me before what she will give to Tami for Christmas. My only request to her and to some of my cousins to give her clothes or something that she can use, wag lang toy kasi madami na syang toy and sayang lang. I requested a dress for Tami to wear on Christmas day.

Here's the first thing that i saw on the balikbayan box :)

Gift Card

I love that it has personal message for Tami..

And the Dress...

And Tami was so happy when she saw this:

Barbie Fashion Tablet

In Toy Kingdom its called Barbie B-Pad and its the Barbie version of iPad. Its one of Tami's want in the Toy Kingdom Catalogue that she keeps on saying to me that she want it.

Elmo Stuff

I like this one. All the kids in the family has set of toys. For tami they gave this Elmo set that consists of stuff toy, Hand Puppet and the Elmo Hat.

Crocs for Tami


Crocs for Me

Nine West Sling bag

Abercrombie Shirt

Actually lahat ng boys puro shirt ang binili kasi di naman sila nag-request eh... hehe. Hubby requested for a Belkin case for his iPhone but unfortunately my cousin didnt find nice one. As she said, "Cindz, walang magandang Belkin na case, meron pero cheap ang style".

Ayaw na kasi nya ng Otter kasi yung nabili namen sa MAC hindi fit sa phone, when we saw that my other cousin EJ requested an Otter case, we saw that the fit was nice. Sabi nga nya iba ang case ng Otter when bought in the US. Naisip tuloy ni Badz na sana Otter na lang din pinabili nya :(

I also received this goodies:

Kool-Aid juice, Nutella and Chocolate

After the distribution, my aunt keeps on telling us what happen on my cousin's wedding and their shopping adventure with all our requests In Las Vegas outlets... If you're going to US, dont forget to drop by in Vegas because there are lots of outlets there. Take example the Coach brand, sling bags costs around $60 to $80 only while the bags costs around $100 only, way cheaper when bought in malls.

Pinagalitan pa kami kasi yung ibang request namin last minute na like Tami's Barbie B-Pad, i send the request parang 2 days before her flight kaya super ngarag sila to find that toy in the mall. Nahihiya kasi ako mag-request, kala ko nga ako lang ang maraming request hindi pla. Ako pala ang may pinakamurang napabili.

 Kuya Bing got his new Coach shoes and Apple connector, Cousin Mika got her iPad2, Cousin Migs was so happy when he got his new iPhone 4S, Mike with his Ipod Touch, My nephew AJ na tuwang-tuwa with his new PSP (kala mo naman marunong gumamit hehe, 3 yrs old pa lang kasi yun). and my fashionista cousin who requested a lot of F21 clothes. Hay... kung alam nyo lang story lahat super nkakatawa on how my cousins requests the clothes and makeup etc..

Anyway, we ended the night at almost 12midnight, partida nilalagnat pa ko nyan and i have an asthma pero ok lang :) Thanks to our super generous relatives in the US.

The day after (thursday), Tami fit the dress and here she is:

Tami wearing the dress and Crocs and use her Barbie B-Pad

The dress fits perfectly but the Crocs is a little big for her size but its ok kasi pwede naman nyang isuot next time.


Thanks again.

Advance Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. It is always exhilarating to receive gifts from the US. This blog of yours reminded me so much of the haydays when gifts from the US was in abundance. Your relatives in the US are lucky they are not that affected by the recession. Our relatives kasi tinamaan karamihan which is really sad. By the way, the info about the Coach bag is true. I was recently sent 2 Coach bags and they were both surprisingly cheaper than that from the malls.