Dec 21, 2011

Company Party 2011

Our company year-end party held again in SMX Convention Center in MOA last Dec. 11, 2011. This year's theme was Ovation (the after party of Grammy's) and its not hard to look for outfit because it's all about different genre of music. So with that theme, any outfit is applicable unless you're eyeing the Icon of the Night award wherein you will impersonate your favorite music icon.

Ovation Tag

We also received a Dog Tag as token from the event :)

The party held in the 2nd floor of SMX. We went there early to get good seats and to take some pics. There are also Ovation standees wherein you can take a photo and some music icon for photo ops. There's a free photo booth in the hall too.

With some of our colleagues...

Chucky in one of the Ovation standee.

Me with the Lady Gaga icon.


If last year's caterer was Itallianis and TGIF, this year is Bizu. 

Bizu was known for their pastries.

My plate

I like the chicken skewer and the Pomelo-Ceasar salad.

Bizu Pastries

I love the Lemon tartlet and how it melts in my mouth.


The year-end party was fun especially that im with my friends but i'll be more happy if i won the raffle kaya lang with 13,000 employees, di na ko umasa... hehe

Maybe its not my lucky year now or talagang malas lang ako sa raffle.

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