Dec 25, 2011

Tempura, Alabang Town Center

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt hungry so i had fruit salad now and decided to go online to kill time. Sana lang antukin pa ko.

Last friday, Hubby texted me early in the morning and informed me that he has bonus. I was happy then because it means that we have something to save again aside from his 13th month pay, we also planned of meeting in ATC that afternoon to do our last minute christmas shopping.

We met after his work at around 4pm, we went directly to Rustan's to buy gifts and also something for us. Sa dami ng tao inabot kami ng almost 3 hrs to pick the items and pay.

Hubby with our personal loots.

We left the items in the Gift Wrapping section, the cashier told us to be back the next day to pick up the gifts because of the long line pero di na ko pumayag because i have no time to go back pa. Instead i asked them to wrap kung ano yung kaya nila and the rest will be on paper bag na lang. We went out first to have dinner then we told them that we will be back in an hour. Pumayag naman sila.

So off we find restaurant for our dinner, we went in the second floor to find restaurant and i was suggesting Tony Romas to hubby pero ayaw nya kasi walang tao na nakain. hehe. Instead of going to Omakase, i remember Tempura Restaurant which we always pass by whenever we go in ATC and there's something in this food outlet that can't be ignored so its a mutual decision from both of us to try it.

Menu Book

The menu is divided into main dish, appetizers, Yakiniku, Don Buri  etc and pati promo for the week which is good because you dont need to ask about it.

We were seated in the couch near the counter. 

The restaurant is not full that's why our order came fast.

Our drinks arrived first. I had Watermelon Shake and hubby's soda.

Bento Bokkusu

Came next is the Bento Box that Hubby choose.

Miso Soup

Hubby's bento comes with the free Miso Soup and soda that makes it quite a bargain :)


I ordered this extra rice kasi for sure nagutom ang bebe ko.

Seafood Ramen

I want Ramen so i go with the Seafood Ramen. This order can be good for 2 to 3 persons sa dami.

Temari Sushi

Consists of Ika, Maguro, Sake, Ebi and Kani balls stuffed with crunchy Salmon bits. As usual, ako lang ang umubos nito kasi di nakain si hubby ng raw foods.

Agedashi Tofu

Deep fried Japanese bean curd topped with special sauce and bonito flakes. If your familiar with Takoyaki, the same flakes are used in this both dish.

Picture muna before eating our dinner.

Gwapo lang nya d2 kaya pinost ko din. hehe

We were full already when they serve the dessert. It was supposed to be Green Tea ice cream pero ayaw ni hubby kaya he changed my order to Coffee Jelly.

Coffee Jelly

Flavored jelly topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with choco chips.

Since im bloated already, he finished the dessert alone.

We had a satisfying dinner at Tempura Japanese Grill that we need to stay a few minutes before going out. Hubby smoked first then we went back again to Rustan's to get the gifts.

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