Dec 4, 2011

Celebration (Birthday + Wedding)

Kat and Me

My cousin and also one of my secondary sponsors in my wedding few years ago celebrates her 26th birthday today and this will be her special day because she'll marry the man that she love. I am so happy for my cousin. (**teary-eyed**)

The wedding is in US and konti lang ang naka-attend samin because we dont have time and spare money :( I have house and lot that needs money big time so instead of going there, i chose to save the money. I know my cousin will understand.. Some of our relatives were there naman for my cousin...

Happy Birthday Cuzin and Best Wishes to you and Remil!

P.S. to Kit... Wag ka muna pakasal ha... hehe.. Hintayin mo muna matapos ang gastos namin sa house so i can attend your wedding.. Dapat abay si tami :)

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