Dec 16, 2011

Tous Les Jours in Southmall

I have 11 posts on my draft folder and i want to post it na kaya lang im super duper busy kaya wala akong time but now that im sick and nothing to do, ill try to post some of it and let me start with the new one..

After my medical consultation yesterday, i went to Southmall to meet hubby and also to look for a nice bag for my supervisor as our team's xmas gift. I went around and found only expensive bags #talkaboutthebrand. On the back part of the mall (remember the old Supermarket?), there are 2 new opened store which is The Racks and Tous Les Jours.

Hubby and i stared at the store first because with its name i thought it was from UK but would you believe that its Korea's inspired french bakery?

We went inside to try some because they offer free taste for their opening day. The bread are not bad, just like those you found in Breadtalk. Lots of varieties to choose from their pastries and cakes.

I went to the counter to get my order and ask the lady if i can take some photos for my blog and glad that they allowed it. I also talk to the cashier about the bakery. Its from Korea and the branch in Southmall was their second branch already.

Hubby was delighted to see the designs of the cakes. Cake designs are really cute and the price are not steep, a little bit cheaper to Contis.

The breads and pastries are all lined up in the middle. You just grab a tray, choose what you want then go to the counter and pay.

And the cakes:

Yummy no?

The cakes looks so tempting that i want to buy one but im sick and sweets are not allowed this time.

Next time ill try to buy one.

Since its their opening day yesterday, they offer free treats to those Etude members, you just have to present your card to get your free Soboro bread.

Buti na lang i have my card with me and i claim my free treat.

My free bread.

Dont know what gift to give to people who has everything? I think this Tous led Jours offer is the perfect gift to our loved ones. Im considering this to some of my relatives kasi hindi ko rin alam kung ano bibigay ko sa knila this holiday season but we'll see. I still have a week to look for gifts.

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