Feb 11, 2012

Restaurants in Alabang Town Center

Thank God its Saturday! Time to rest and at the same time enjoy the weekend. All of us in the office were so happy yesterday because we received a blessing! Mga mucho dinero :)

Today, hubby and i will be going to mall after his office. Don't get me wrong if we didn't bring our daughter because everytime hubby and i go for a date, we make sure that we also have time to our daughter like for example tomorrow, i scheduled to bring Tami to SM southmall so we can bond and she can play in Dave's Funhouse. Basta ill make sure that i have time for hubby, for my daughter and for myself. Mahirap talaga to divide the time especially if you're a working mom but im trying to balance all and so far im doing good.

Back to my topic, our date is just a simple lunch or dinner in any restaurants that we've never tried before. Alabang Town Center has lots of new restaurants and i wanna try all of it. I have tried almost all the restaurants in ATC except the following:

Bulgogi Brothers

image source

Crisostomo Restaurant (Filipino Cuisine)
image source

BonChon Chicken which i really look forward to everytime we're in ATC but its always full so we ended up looking for another place to eat.


P.F. Chang's - the newest resto and the first in the Philippines. I can't wait to dine here.

J. CO Donuts and Coffee

Who doesn't love doughnuts?

Hay... i can't wait to try all those restaurants in ATC in the next few weeks or maybe months. But for now ill look forward to eat in Lugang Cafe or Buffet 101 later in MOA :)

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