Feb 26, 2012

Fruit Magic and Tea Farm Milk Tea

If there's one thing i would like to continue for my diet program (seryoso na to!), its one glass of fruit magic everyday at work. I only order Body cleanser in Pure Nectar offer. Though it would cost me P120.00 a day ok lang basta pumayat lang ako ng konti. **wishing**

Kung gusto kong pumayat, eto naman kabaligtaran kasi dumodoble ang taba ko because of the milk teas. There's new milk tea brand in Makati named Tea Farm. If i had the time, i always bought milk tea in Tea Farm. Nakakaadik eh.. Balewala din ang diet ko no?

Don't you love milk teas?

Tea Farm is located in KPMG building in Ayala Makati.

Tea Farm kiosk

Open air station where you can have a chat with your friends while having your favorite milk teas.

Prioritea Card

After having Wintermelon Milk Tea on my first Tea Farm Milk Tea, last friday i tried the Dark Chocolate Milk Tea.

My prioritea card..

Six stamps to go!!!

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