Feb 22, 2012


Two weeks ago, a BPI promo mailer was attached inside hubby's credit card bill. We checked it and found a lot of items that are under their SIP promo. Credit Cards will really lure you into debt so we really have to control ourselves para walang utang :)

The mailer

One that catches hubby's attention was the iPhone4 promo. It was on 24 months deferred payment. He was asking me if i want to have one but i disagree with his plan of getting it for some reason. Instead of buying the iPhone, why not save it for the furniture in our house, right? One more thing is im not a techy person, masaya na ko sa mumurahin kong phone.

I told hubby na bakit hindi na lang ito itanong mo saken (image below), sasagot agad ako ng oo kasi wala pa naman akong technomarine watch. hehe

Deadma lang si Badz.

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