Feb 19, 2012

Don Henricos on Pyromusical Weekend.

Date of Visit: February 11, 2012

I never thought that iPhones need to update every now and then and its the reason why we went to MOA last week. Ganun din ba ang iPod touch?

Updating and adding new games will take more than an hour and while waiting for it we decided to go inside the mall and look for something to eat for merienda. It was past 4pm already and sobrang dami ng tao, parang sale pero hindi naman. We dropped by first in Starbucks because hubby wants to have his fave JAva chip frap and while walking we saw Don Henricos na konti lang ang tao kaya dun kami kumain.

After so many years nakabalik din ako sa Don Hen kasi the last time i ate here was high school pa ko... hehe. We frequent this restaurant when it opens in Festival Mall in alabang, elementary pa yata ako nun and everytime were in festival before, its always Don Hen the top choice of my relatives. Medyo sikat pa ang Don Hen nun and even artists always dine here kasi malapit lang sa parking and medyo malayo rin sa laging pinupuntahan ng tao. Well iba na ngayon sa dami ng new restaurants around the metro.

Stolen shot.

Di naman kami medyo mahilig sa picture no?

Since its merienda, we didn't order heavy meals because we're planning to eat in Lugang Cafe for dinner that day. I want to order sana Pasta with their signature meatballs kaya lang nag-alangan ako at baka di ko na kayanin mag-dinner. Instead of heavy meals, we order the following:

For drinks, hubby had water only because he has starbucks while i chose Peach Nectar.

Chicken Fingers and Potato Wedges

This order makes us full already. Chicken was in a huge portion and i love it because its really juicy and hot.

See? Ubos agad and wala pa yung ibang order namin.

10" Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

We only consumed half of it because we're already full at ang bigat sa tyan :)

Beef Calzone

Hubby ordered this one and he wants to try if its the same with SnR's Beef Roll. This came late so we never had the chance to try it. We took home this Beef Calzone together with the half of the pizza.

Good thing i didn't order pasta. Now i wonder if their pasta is still the same nung dati pa. So many changes in their menu. Hoping i can get back in Don Hen and have their pasta with giant meatballs again :)

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