Feb 10, 2012

John and Yoko, Alabang Town Center

Last sunday, hubby and i went back to ATC because i have therapy but we were late and we never knew that therapists schedule is until 5pm only during Sundays so i missed my therapy, blame it to hubby!

To not feel guilty and para may magawa kami, we went to new wing and look for something to eat. Bulgogi Brothers had their opening offer and only guests are allowed to eat that day. Oye! we're not VIP's so we never had the chance to eat in Bulgogi, next week na lang :)

Across Bulgogi Brothers is John and Yoko, we're too early for dinner kaya wala pang tao so we decided to dine in there.

I already saw John and Yoko in Greenbelt and good thing they branched out here in South. The restaurant's interiors are exactly what's in their name: cosmopolitan. With the projector on the side wall, they show some Japanese film.

I find the plate cute with its design.

Here's our early dinner last Sunday

Seafood Ramen

Like what other Japanese restaurants, this Ramen was placed in a huge bowl and can feed 2 to 3 people.

Chicken Tempura

Instead of fish and chips, they offer Chicken Tempura. Hubby almost finished the entire food. He must be hungry then or the chicken tempura is delicious that he cant resist munching on it.

Tonkatsu Teppan for hubby

Well you can never go wrong with Tonkatsu and its the safest order for him. Hubby's not fond of raw foods, napipilitan lang syang samahan ako whenever i crave for some Japanese foods In the end it makes him full, i  guess he's starting to love Japanese cuisine.

Getting ready to chow :)

Hubby took this photo. He's asking me how to use chapticks. I told him to practice with rice like what i did when i started using chapticks way back 90's :)

Our drinks

This time i ordered Watermelon shake while hubby chose soda.

Tempura Banana Split 

For our dessert, we had this banana split. Combination of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream with 2 Bananas in Tempura batter on the side.

Oooopppssss! Cherry's mine..

What i like with John and Yoko is the service and they're all attentive. Though the price is a little bit high compared to other Japanese resto, I wanna go back to try their makis and rolls.

See you soon, John and Yoko :)

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