Feb 19, 2012

Starbucks Favorites!

I always say in my posts that hubby and i always have a date in a month. Kailangan yun eh to keep the romance alive and i can attest to that. We've been together for almost 12 years and we're still the same, parang bf-gf lang kahit may anak na kami.

If we didn't go out and stayed in the house the whole day, we feel bored that's why sometimes we go out and walk around the village. Sometimes if his shift in the office will change from AM to PM, weekend pa lang nagbabago na sya ng routine, magyayaya yan in the middle of the night sa Starbucks to buy drinks just to keep him awake all night.

Last saturday, he wants Starbucks kaya gora kami kahit gabi na...

Me on a happy mood.

Our Venti size drinks

My fave Coffee Jelly and his fave Java Chip. When we were about to go out, Kuya Bing saw us at pinagalitan kami because ang takaw-takaw daw namin at ang hilig daw namin uminom ng kape. He was telling us kasi na mag-diet for my cousin's wedding dahil abay kami, pano nga namin kami papayat kung puro kami kain and inom ng kape :(

My handsome man.... Yun oh! 

How about you? Do you go out on a date pa rin kahit may anak na rin kayo? Share naman!

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