Feb 20, 2012

February Holidays.

Happy Holiday to US peeps
 President's Day

Belated Happy Valentines to all!!!
Sorry for the late greetings.. im super duper mega busy at work :(

I know all of you guys had a great time last Valentines day, i even heard that its super traffic and almost all the restaurants are full with couples or family celebrating Valentines.

Well i did enjoy too, not by having a date but the surprise hubby gave to me. I came home and found this:

I didn't expect this. Hubby and i are not fond of celebrating Valentines but the thought of remembering Valentines is such a sweet gesture. Thankful to hubby is an understatement.

I was surprised more when i open the paper bag. 

My fave Nama chocolate from Royce..

and this Lacoste Pouch...

Yummy melts-in-your-mouth chocolate in AU Lait flavor.

Even our daughter made an effort to do this:

I think she made it in her school together with her classmates.

Hubby put the simple card in the paper bag too. The message was for both of us :)

Thanks Bi and Bebe Tam, i love you both!

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