Jun 28, 2011

Capdase for Blackberry..

Me and my friend who also happens to be my cousin met each other yesterday. She came from Singapore for a 1 week vacation because she has something important to do here like her life insurance in AXA Life, her bank errands etc. Since she's in town for a week we decided to meet. She's staying in their house in Laguna and yesterday was our set date.

I went to Centennial airport because Ate Nene went back to Auzi after her 2 months vacation here. After Ate Nene checks-in, me and Jen went to MOA for a stroll, dinner and chit-chat again as if we never see each other for a decade. hehe. Our first thing to do is we went to Cellphone shops in 2nd floor to buy a jelly case for my Blackberry and also the Screen Protector.

 Capdase Jelly Case photo source

The jelly case that i bought. I already used it after purchasing the item thats why i dont have photo of the packaging. I just get the image from Capdase site.

Capdase Screen Protector

I also bought screen protecter for my BB screen to make it a scratch-free fone. But the not-so-good thing here is i have to put it myself because we dont have time to wait anymore for them to put it so i decided to do it at home.

And here's the actual item on my BB:

I like the Jelly case from Capdase. But with the screen protector, im failed putting it. This should be done by the experts. Look at the screen on my BB, the screen protector has now scratches because i tried to flatten it using my nails. Mali pala!

And for some reasons, nag-bubble na din sya. I thought mali ang paglagay ko and i need to detached it again from the screen but i was wrong. In the end, its not that nice. There are lots of bubbles in the screen.

I wasted my money for this. Will buy again next payday and i will find a store that offers putting the Screen protector on my phone.

I need to go now because my eyes is now itchy because of mild sore-eyes. hehe. Will blog our dinner later.

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