Jun 23, 2011

BB tutor at Reyes Barbecue..

I didnt go to work today because i have to bring my darling baby to her pedia. Good thing her fever subside so there's nothing to worry anymore, we just have to wait for the lab results. Let's just pray na tama ang hinala na mild UTI lang.

Anyway, after going to the doctor and while hubby is asleep, me and my cousin EJ decided to have a late lunch in Reyes Barbecue in SM Center and i was in there until 3pm.

With my new fone, im still on the learning process and i need tutor for that. I called my cousin EJ to teach mo how to use it and he also downloaded the applications. I know that with the Blackberry in hand, it will change some of my rakets and will be more updated with all the social networking sites. And i think its really cool. I just need to start learning to use it.

cousin EJ

He started to teach me the BB world while waiting for our food.

Our quick lunch consists of the famous Barbecue of Reyes Barbecue.

Reyes Barbecue serves good food in affordable price. Actually its not my first here. I used to eat in this food chain in SM Southmall with hubby.

We also like their Sauce that even brought for our home.

How about you? Do you like the BBQ in Reyes Barbecue?

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