Jun 9, 2011

I Love Fibrella!

I really love Fibrella. Since college yan na ang gamit ko. Yes expensive but definitely worth the price. Even hubby uses Fibrella yun nga lang laging nyang nawawala. Even my last umbrella, hubby left it in one of the store. Kainis dba?

But why Fibrella?

According to Fibrella Site, Fibrella has made its mark in the industry of umbrellas with the automatic and manual umbrellas for its quality, sleek designs and virtually indestructible ribs. It also features the latest wind-resilience technology and finely crafted push buttons handles to automatically open and close your umbrella effortlessly.

And here's my choice:

Duo Automatic

My not-that-old Fibrella Duo-automatic.

My umbrella is not new pero ilang bagyo na at super lakas na hangin ang pinagdaanan ng payong ko. Ang tibay!

Today, Hubby requested for another umbrella kasi kagabi hindi sya nakapasok because wala syang payong. Actually meron naman kaya lang bulaklakin na red yung umbrella na nasa bahay. hehe. I was in the wake of my lolo and i cant go home early just to give the umbrella and since the rain pours so hard, he decided not to report to his work.

After my therapy in ATC, i went to SM Southmall just to buy hubby's umbrella. At first im thinking of the cheaper umbrella pero naisip ko din iba pa rin ang Fibrella kaya yun na ang binili ko for him.

And i got this design for him:

Fibrella Silver Light

Hubby's new umbrella.

Bad news to those Fibrella lovers. The price increased recently (according to the saleslady in SM Southmall). The current price of my umbrella (Duo-automatic) is PhP 599.00 from PhP 550.00 while Hubby's Silver Light is now PhP 419.00.

After getting hubby's umbrella, i got this two while walking going to cashier:

Ponytail and Olay Face Cleanser.

Have you got your Fibrella Umbrella?

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