Jun 9, 2011

Bibingkinitan for the nth time!

I posted few days ago about my favorite Bibingka. This afternoon, before going to therapy i felt so sleepy because of the lack of sleep this past few days. I want coffee then but my fave Illy coffee is still not in the South, i was thinking of Coffee Bean but hesitated also.

When im on my way to Healthway Medical Clinic, i saw my favorite Bibingkinitan stall and offers Kapeng Barako. Since im too early for my 3pm schedule, i stayed in the stall and ordered coffee.

Bibingka Heaven.

By the way, Via Mare also offers Bibingka. You may want to try it, its also good though i tasted it once only.

The view from where i stand.

Luckily the stall has a small space for dine-in clients. Yun nga lang standing obation ang drama pero keribels na makakain lang ng bibingka.

Bibingkinitan offers combo also. Taray!

For PhP50.00, the combo consists of Kapeng Barako and 1 pc Bibingka.

Kapeng Barako is a very well known coffee in the Philippines particularly in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. The local kapeng barako is strong and highly acidic compared to some of the more common marketed varieties, so dont dare try if your not used to drinking black coffee.

Before i used to drink black coffee alone, no sugar or milk. I love it that way. Dun yata ako naging nerbyosa. So if you want to taste Kapeng Barako, try the Bibingkinitan combo, may kape ka na may bibingka ka pa! haha


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  1. havent tried this since I always prefer the bibingka malagkit (somewhat like biko) :D