Aug 9, 2011

Arabella Dining House

Since one of our friend cant make it to Louise's house, kasi naman ang layo. hehe. We decided to do a road trip and went to Jenesis house in Liliw, Laguna.

After the super duper tagal na kwentuhan in Jenesis house, we decided to have merienda in Arabella located in the corner of the street where the footwear avenue is located. This quaint little restaurant is very famous with their pastas and pizza.

The little door of Arabella. The restaurant is located in the basement of an ancestral house but even if its small, you feel that the restaurant is really homey.

According to some, Arabela was once a bakeshop and the couple decided to put up a restaurant business because of their love to cook and eat. Arabela came from the name of their 2 daughters namely Ara and Bela. You will be amazed of how good the taste of every food that youre going to order and aside from that, its really way cheaper compare to city's price.

The setting.. look at how they arrange the utensils. Very nice and clean!

The menu.

Very presentable.

Louise, Me and Marlon

Jenesis, Earvin and Rona

The feast:

Bacon and Cheese, Mushroom Melt Thick Pizza PhP 345.00

The large has 8 slices, sakto for all of us.

Lasagna PhP 85.00

All their pastas are good for 1 person only. We ordered 3 lasagna for Rona, Earvin and Jenesis.

Baked Macaroni PhP 80.00

Louise ordered her favorite Baked Mac.

Pesto PhP 190.00

Two orders of Pesto for me and Marlon. I love the way they prepare their pasta, the noodles was cooked al dente and the basil and olive oil has the right amount topped with parmesan cheese.

The only downside with Arabela's Pastas is the butter crunch bread on the side of every pasta, i hope that they change it to garlic bread para mas ok.

I asked for some parmesan cheese and the waitress gave me this.

Our drinks

Top Left: Pineapple Juice for Marlon
Top Right: Ripe mango juice for Rona, Jenesis and Earvin
Bottom Left: Latte Arabica for me
Bottom Right: Iced Cappucino for Louise

Panalo ang drinks, laki ng mga glass eh... haha.. at ang mura pa! Would you believe that all our orders costs only PhP 1,445.00? Yup for 6 pastas, 1 large pizza and 6 drinks. Ok na ok dba? And the best part is, it was a treat from Marlon and Jenesis.

So if you're planning of going to Liliw Laguna, never miss Arabela, its really worth the visit and you can never go wrong with their food, promise!.

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