Aug 22, 2011

Wanna go Asian Cruise?

Wanna go Asian Cruise?

Yesterday, my cousin bbm (blackberry messenger) me and asked if i wanna go cruising because it was supposed to be Kuya Bing and the couple (Ate Dalyn and Kuya Jovy) but unfortunately Ate Dalyn cant go because of something (secret muna). They already paid all the cruise ticket including all the tours when landed to different Asian Countries so there's no need to worry, all im going to pay was the airfare to Singapore. I told hubby about it but he dont want to go now kasi nga tipid mode kami because the construction of our house is now on-going. Kung next year sana but the travel date is on September 7, 2011 na and its 1 week yata.

Now that im not going, they decided to sell the Cruise (2 pax) and heres the deal:

They sell the cruise for only $388.00 (SG Dollar), thats only around PhP 12,000 in pesos each. Thats how cheap it is, para lang kahit papano may mabalik na amount kina Ate Dalyn. Its so cheap na considering Asian Cruise will cost around PhP 50,000 each.

If you're planning to buy the 2 cruise ticket, you will only buy your airfare to Singapore for 1 week, pay the Cruise tax which is around $200.00 per head (cruise tax and another tax).. and the cruise ticket to my cousin. Thats a big discount already! You save more than PhP 50,000.

Interested? You can email me by filling up the Mail Me button on the upper right of my blog. GOW!

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