Aug 19, 2011

Famous Egg Tart of Lord Stow's Bakery

When we were in Macau, it is one of the must-visit bakery located in Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square and is home to the world’s tastiest egg tarts. Glad that Lord Stow's now in Manila!

After our gastronomic adventure in Vikings, we were thinking of pasalubong for our kid and also to Kuya Bing's family and we ended up buying the famous egg tarts of Lord Stow's bakery located near the SM Department store in MOA.

Lord Stow's Famous Egg Tarts

6 pcs costs PhP 245.00

When we were in my Uncle's office because Kuya Bing is updating my Blackberry, we felt hungry and eat the egg tarts...

My yummy egg tart..

Unlike the other egg tarts found in some bakeries around the metro, this Macau pastry is more decadent and is so rich in custard filling.. So good that you will tempted to get another one :)

Look at the filling..

This is highly recommended egg tart.

Hubby while waiting for us in Lord Stow's bakery..

He's not a fan of egg tarts thats why he didnt eat a single tart. He just happy looking at us eating.

As to date, there are lots of Lord Stow's franchises spanning all over Asia including Philippines so no need to go to Macau just to taste the famous Egg Tarts.

How about you? Do you like Egg Tarts?

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