Aug 20, 2011

On Hubby's 30th birthday...

From all the post about hubby here in my blog, it is safe to assume that he is such a gadget fan. He's never contented of what gadget he has, buti na lang hindi nya type ang iPad. hehe. I know he can afford to buy things that he want because he has a good-paying job but I wanna give him something that he fancies as a token of appreciation for being a very good and loving husband.

Come October, we will be celebrating 2 occasions, our wedding anniversary on the 23rd and his 30th birthday on the 24th. He told me that he want to celebrate his birthday and invite all of his friends and officemate. I already planned something for our wedding anniversary and since he already set a birthday celebration for his birthday, wala na kong magagawa dun.

Now, im thinking of what to give him. I know matagal pa but knowing hubby mahal ang mga gusto nyan. Since last month, i take note of the things that he likes and sometimes he said what he want. From all the things that he want, im going to choose on what to give him. Well hindi naman nya masyadong nababasa ang blog ko, nakikita lang nya minsan pag nag-u-upload ako ng picture kaya i dont have to worry na mabasa nya to **cross-finger**

As of today, eto pa lang ang naririnig ko na gusto nya, syempre dedma lang ako whenever he says something that he want:

Apple iphone 4

Of all the Apple products, we never had the chance to own an iPod touch and iPad. Ewan ko ba but im not an apple fan. We had apple shuffle to macbook but we ended up selling some of them kasi hindi naman masyadong nagagamit. Now i heard hubby one time that he wants an iphone4. Astig daw kasi! My cousins use ip4 also and they say maganda nga daw but i find the BB more useful. Anyway its hubby that wants the iphone4 not me. hehe

Nokia N8

N8 is the Nokia product that has almost the same features of the iphone 4. What i like with Nokia is its user friendly features and at the same time hindi mahirap ang pyesa in case magka-problema. Yun nga lang ang bilis mag-depreciate ng value. My officemate has an N8 unit and i find it amazing and cheap compare to Apple.

Nokia X7

Hubby said that its the upgraded version of his current unit (X6), more lighter nga lang sya and nice color. I dont know if he like this or what, basta narinig ko lang sa knya and i saw him googled the unit and look for the specs and the price.

Eto ang narinig ko na at the same time gusto ko rin. Perfect for our house.

LG Led TV in 55"

Yup, he said one time that he wants to buy one bigger LG LED TV for the living room and our current 32" tv will be placed in the master's bedroom.

Samsung S2

Recently, when we were in MOA, hubby thought of the new Samsung S2. We checked the unit and he find it nice...

Hay, its so hard to decide on what to give him but i want to give a nice gift as thank you gift na rin for giving me a house (one of every girl's dream, whether its small or big its still an investment) and also for loving me unconditionally and for being loyal and good provider.

What do you think is nice?


  1. hintayin mo na yung iPhone 5. I'm sure may llabas within the year

  2. @kit: ah talaga? abangan na lang natin.. If lumabas na yun jan this year, for sure d2 mga months pa after nun... Sana lumabas bago mag-October and we'll see kung type nya. Parang gusto ko kasing bilin yung BB torch para pareho na kaming naka-BB.