Aug 13, 2011

On Melissa...

Im in the house the whole day today and i was bored to hell. I was on the computer watching movies, surf the net, window shopping online and this haunts me now:
Melissa Hoop

Melissa Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl

Want tovisit the Official Melissa Philippines? Just click here.

Anyway, since hubby is not around today, medyo free pa ko but after this i will be busy again. My Engineer cousin arrived today and we planned of meeting up and sit down for our house plans.

And for that, i booked a reservation for 4 pax at Vikings Luxury Buffet in MOA for tomorrow lunch. So excited to meet them and show the photos of my preferred interior designs.

Another thing, the package has arrived so my online store will be up very soon. Di ko lang maayos this weekend kasi 2 balikbayan boxes yung dumating, 1 for my online store and 1 for our family, i have to wait my aunt so we can open the box and see what is for the store.

Back to Melissa shoes, im still thinking if im getting one because i have to save a lot now. Since hubby bought the house and lot, i have to help in the interior costs, i dont wanna withdraw all my personal savings because i need to have buffer savings, mahirap na kaya i have to save bigtime!

Next time perhaps!

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