Apr 29, 2011

Yum Wraps Kiosk

Everyday during our break, we always look for something to eat, nakakasawa na kasi yung food sa cafeteria and then one time, my officemate saw the ad in one of the board saying there's a new kiosk coming soon in our cafeteria.

Last week, we already saw this new kiosk called Yum Wraps, upon looking at the booth you will know already what they serve. This really looks like Plato wraps with the same menu. I decided to give it a try one time.

I waited across the kiosk and took some pics while the attendant is preparing my wrap. Pita bread is heated in an iron press for about a minute and then stuck the ready filling and added some veggies like tomato and cucumber slices.

I dont know where is this for? I am shy to ask.. hehe

sorry for the blury picture, i used my so low-end fone... hehe

I go for the safe menu, tuna. Looks not yummy? That was what I thought so, too. But you have to taste it for yourself. Well, not really that grand but enough to keep you coming back. It's also affordable to the pocket.

FYI. Pita bread comes in 3 types: the regular pita, the wheat wrap and the Pesto wrap, the last 2 i've yet to try, maybe next time.

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