May 1, 2011

Recto and Quiapo day.

I was tasked by my relatives in the US to go to Recto and get something they need. I seek help again from my officemates on how to go to Recto by public transportation because it was my first time going there. I was really scared thinking of Recto because i heard a lot from it.

Yesterday was my available time and i leave the house at 8:30am, rode the bus going to Buendia then LRT to D. Jose. At first i was thinking of another way (fx to Lawton then Jeep to Quiapo) but since the best and fastest way going to Recto is the LRT, i decided to go by LRT.

at the LRT

When i am in the LRT, i was looking around because there are a lot of things happened recently in LRT and im thinking of those things like what if it happens again, what am i going to do? Parang nakakatakot nang sumakay ng LRT.

When i arrived in D. Jose, hindi ako nagpahalata na first timer sa Recto, mahirap na. I walked along the street and asked some people on how to get to Isetann (as instructed by my officemate). When on my way to Isetann i walked to this long street and is scares me to death because that long street was squatters area and there are lots of tambay there. I walked as fast as i could and almost run just to get out of that street and when im near the Isetann, i did my purpose there and according to the girl i talked to, i have to stay and wait to a safe place and that is in Cebuana but since Isetann is very near, i decided to wait there.

FYI. This area is full of bystander offering service for fake license, certificates, diplomas etc. There are lots of policemen around the Recto area.  According to other people, these policemen are waiting and looking for prospect na mahuhuli then hihingan ng pera. Tsk. Tsk. Only in the Philippines!

When im in the Isetann, i had my lunch there (on my next post) and lurk around the mall. I find myself going to Expressions. It is like National Bookstore but no textbooks, only other stuff. And for those looking for some party favors if you have Cars, Princess, Tinkerbell, Fairies, Thomas and friends, barbie, princess theme, i found all of them here.

Here are some photos:


Thomas and Friends

It is complete from tumblers to plate etc... There are also toys that you can get there.

Princess, Barbie, Tinkerbell etc...

I finished my errands in Recto at around 1:30pm. After that i asked some people again on how to go to Quaipo church because i want to go there. And i am surprised that its just a meters away from the Isetann mall, i walk again going to Quaipo.. I find it interesting going to Quiapo from Recto.

I attend the mass at Quiapo and went at the back of the church to go sight-seeing. When cousin Bing is still working in PLDT as Operations Manager, he sometimes go their office in Sampaloc and drop by here in Quiapo to attend mass and bought some veggies for their home.

I went to this sidewalk vendor selling veggies and i bought some for our house. After buying some veggies, i decided to go home.

What a tiring day yesterday. What did you do yesterday?

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