May 20, 2011

Cameron Diaz, what happened to you?

Im in the house right now and came back from SM Center. During my stay in the house, if the computer is available i was surfing the net to see the latest from showbiz, fashion etc and do blogging. I love seeing those hollywood faces with their bag and show off what they've got.

I was surfing the net and came across Cameron Diaz photos. Look at her now, What happened to her?

I know she's not young anymore but why have body like that? Its good to have fit body but i think this is too much for her. She's not looking good here with untamed hair plus that muscles... BIG TSK. TSK.

Sayang ang body! She really looks gorgeous here.

If i were to have that body, kabog kayong lahat! Kahit sa bahay naka-swimsuit lang aketch! Baka hindi na kami lumabas ng kwarto ni Badz... haha

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