May 10, 2011

Slow Internet Connection..

Pldt, Weve been experiencing a slow connection for almost 2 days and i cant upload any pics here in my blog. Kainis ha! I have so many posts to make for my blog pa naman. Please check the connection in our area. It pissed me off, we're paying almost P1,600 monthly for the internet and were getting this kind of connection? Goodness gracious!

Its been 2 days since hubby is in his new shift (night shift) and im missing him already. Oh he misses me too, at least he told me in his text. Hay...Were living under one roof, sleeping on one bed, eating on one table but we don't see each other because of the timezones of our work.... Hay...

I will be back very soon. I cant wait to post all the pictures here in my blog. By the way, did you know that i received something last mother's day? Na-touch nga ako eh. Really.

Bye for now and Goodnight!

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