May 3, 2011


Kumon. Math. Reading. Success.

We decided to enroll our daughter in Kumon to enhance her Reading and Math skills. We've heard a lot of positive feedbacks here and we want to try it. This coming Saturday (May 7, 2011) will be the parent's orientation and hopefully will be the start of Tami's learning experience with Kumon. I just hope that she will listen to her teacher. *cross-finger*.

Why Kumon?

Kumon believes that all children have the ability to reach and perform at their highest potential — that with Kumon, they can succeed both in and out of the classroom. Whatever your children’s current level, we will design individualized math (counting up through calculus) and reading (basic phonics up through advanced comprehension) programs that allow them to advance at their own pace. With our emphasis on individualized learning, your children will become independent, self-reliant, and motivated to learn on their own. Discover the great benefits that Kumon has to offer and see how our program gives your children the confidence to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Interested? Just visit their site here.

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