May 17, 2011

DIY Footspa

Eversince, i love going to spa for massages, footspa, facial etc. Its my de-stressing method. I make sure to have time to pamper myself and I even encourage hubby to go with me in the spa but he is not comfortable wearing only his brief during the massage. haha. So its always "me-time". He will go with me if only for facial or diamond peel. I remember his first time with facial (it was our bf-gf days), he swear not to go back again in any facial center, he was teary-eyed when pricking his blackheads and whiteheads. And until now, hindi pa sya napunta ulit sa facial center, actually hindi nya yun kailangan because he has good and white skin. Mas maganda pa nga skin nya sakin.

Last Sunday, he said that he wants to go to Spa for footspa (nagulat ako) and i even told him if he's really sure to go there. I said that before going there, ill give him DIY footspa. I dont need the machine to have nice footspa because i have good products to use. He agreed with me to try it here in the house before deciding to go to spa.

After he took his bath, i prepared the things needed for the Do-IT-Yourself footspa:

Foot scrub, Watson's Foot Soak and the Mary Kay Product

Mary Kay Satinhands

This was supposed to be for handspa but im using this for foot also.

Foot Soak

What i did was nag-init ako ng tubig to a certain level of heat that his foot can tolerate because we need to soak his foot for a couple of minutes to soften the skin.

My customer.. hehe

Hubby while dipping his foot to a lukewarm water.

The Mary Kay sachet is already complete and as easy as Steps 1 to 3:

Step 1: Extra Emollient Night cream - its like oil as the base of the scrub, little massage around the foot is needed so the skin will absorb the oil.

Step 2: Hand scrub - lots of micro beads that serves as the scrub. After putting the Mary Kay second sachet (scrub) to hubby's foot, i used the foot scrub stone to scrubs the foot specially the part where the callous starts to build-up.

Step 3: Hand Cream (lotion) - this was the last step in my DIY footspa. It helps to moisturize the skin and makes the skin feels so smooth.

Foot Tint

I think some of the spa uses this to look the sole pinkish or reddish. But i did not put some to hubby because he dont like it.

After doing the DIY footspa to hubby, i asked what is his verdict to what i did. He said "Next week pa-footspa na lang tayong dalawa sa My Spa"... hehe. But i tell you the Mary Kay Satinhands is good to the skin, i even gave some to my officemate and she likes it too.


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