May 20, 2011

Today's Agenda

Today, i didn't go to work because i have things to do.

First Agenda: Checkup and Therapy

Today, i have a scheduled check-up with my OB-Gyne. If you were following my blog, you will know that my hubby and my daughter kept bugging me to have another baby. For me, i dont want anymore because im afraid of giving birth via ceasarian again. But with hubby, he wants another one then its ok to stop na. At first, he was joking me that if i dont want to get pregnant then he will look for a girl who wants to get pregnant with him. Syempre hindi ako papayag nun no! After years of making kulit to me, i was able to give in to their request because my daughter always tell me she wants baby sister. And im now ready emotionally and physically to carry another one.

One more thing is since im planning to get pregnant now, im going back again to my Physical therapist for another session because im experiencing back aches again because of my Scoliosis. I took another xray last month to know the degrees of my Thoracolumbar Spine. Maybe after this, starting next week im going to have PT session again every week to lessen the pain especially when im pregnant.

Second Agenda: Travel Booking 

No its not me. My uncle called me 2 days ago to book a flight for them. My uncles and my father will be going to Hongkong and will exit in Macau for 4 to 5 days on July, in time for Papa's birthday. They want to experience the Casino in Macau if its really like Vegas. We want to join sana but they dont allow us because they're going to Casino. Sayang..

Mag-bobonding daw silang magkakapatid dun... Sosyal nila. Sa Macau sila mag-bobonding. Mga dear cousins, tayo nga mag-bonding din like them, Kabog tayo sa mga oldies!!!

Third Agenda: Western Union

This will be the first thing that im going to do this morning. I need to send money to our friend in Dubai in behalf of my team mate. Since im on leave today and western union is just across our village, i will be the one who will send the money. After going to Western Union, will go to BDO after to pick the US Remittance money from dear cousin.

There you go, my agenda for today. Hope everything goes well. Will prepare in a while. Im off now.

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