May 18, 2011

So proud of my cousins!

This is worth blogging and im proud of my 2 cousins.

First Cousin: Miguel Arnold Silverio Reyes (left)

Recently, my cousin whose studying in Philippine Science High was chosen to represent Team Philippines in the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Los Angeles, California and he got the 2nd place in his category.

GMA-7 featured the news that the Lincoln Laboratory in Massachusetts awarded Miggy and the Asteroid will be named after him. You can read the news here.

Second Cousin: John Marvil S. Tobias

My cousin Marvil passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Exam that was released today. I know hindi nya pa alam to because he's in Asian Cruise now with my aunt and Kuya Bing.

We need to celebrate Guys!!! Two Silverio kids in a row! hehe...

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